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IncludeHealth Launches “MSK Operating System” in Collaboration with Google, and ProMedica Health System

CINCINNATI – September 14th, 2021 /OrthoSpineNews/— IncludeHealth, a digital musculoskeletal (MSK) health company, today launched its proprietary Musculoskeletal Operating System (MSK-OS™) in collaboration with Google and ProMedica Health System. The MSK-OS™ is a hardware-free, device-agnostic platform combining the most accessible, measurable post estimation technology available with proprietary clinical intelligence and tools to transform virtual MSK care delivery. The new MSK-OS™ platform will power the next generation of integrated virtual care for MSK patients, allowing providers to offer convenient, trusted and affordable virtual physical therapy to patients through any device. As costs for musculoskeletal health conditions continue to rise and consumer demand for virtual care accelerates, the ability to offer seamless access to virtual MSK care for both patients and providers is more important than ever. 

“We are inspired by IncludeHealth’s vision to empower providers to deliver fast, accurate musculoskeletal care to patients whenever and wherever they need treatment,” said Sandeep Gupta, Product Manager for TensorFlow at Google. “At Google, we’re always looking for high-impact applications of our new technologies. So, we provided early releases of our latest post estimation model, MoveNet, and worked together with the IncludeHealth team to achieve the ideal balance of speed and accuracy for physical therapy treatments. We’re excited to contribute to this meaningful application and look forward to continued collaborations.”

IncludeHealth began collaborating with Google in 2020 to further advance its pose estimation models and accurately measure a patient’s balance, strength and range of motion during physical therapy activities. First previewed at the 2021 Google I/O conference, the innovation significantly advances the speed and applicability of traditional post estimation models for virtual MSK care. IncludeHealth’s comprehensive MSK platform utilizes this novel technology to deliver prescriptive care with precise tracking of patient progress and outcomes for physical and occupational therapy across MSK treatment pathways. 

While consumer demand for virtual MSK solutions has grown in recent years, many existing solutions circumvent traditional healthcare providers. This limits the ability to deliver end-to-end integrated care that deploys a combination of virtual and in-person services based on patient preference and clinical appropriateness. As such, existing virtual MSK solutions have further fragmented care and created downstream challenges for patients and providers alike. IncludeHealth’s new MSK-OS™ is built specifically to enable providers to support patients with seamless virtual and onsite touchpoints throughout their care journey. The lack of hardware or sensors and the overall affordability of the solution translates to increased patient access, greater adherence to recommended MSK treatment pathways, and better clinical outcomes.

The MSK-OS™ connects clinicians and patients through a HIPAA compliant cloud-based digital platform. The transformative design and technology streamlines delivery while harvesting objective, measurable data and creating actionable insights for improved health outcomes.

ProMedica Health System, an integrated healthcare system headquartered in Toledo, Ohio serving communities in 28 states, has partnered with IncludeHealth to offer this breakthrough platform to its patients. The healthcare system will incorporate IncludeHealth’s MSK-OS™ as it enables personalized plans to be built and stored in the cloud, with real-time pose estimation delivered on any device with a forward-facing camera (no software download required). Patients can use their phones, tablets, or computers to engage with their trusted MSK providers and complete treatment plans at the time and place most convenient for them.

“The landscape of care delivery has shifted,” says John Pigott, MD, Chief Innovation Officer at ProMedica. “Health systems must now seek powerful tools to navigate the new frontier of blending on-site and remote services. We’re excited to partner with IncludeHealth to pioneer the next generation of care delivery and ensure our patients receive care that is convenient, engaging, and most importantly, effective. By combining this easy-to-use technology with our existing high-quality care, our clinicians will be able to enhance the patient experience and deliver better outcomes.”

“Healthcare is moving beyond an old paradigm where patients could only get care at pre-scheduled times and inconvenient places,” remarks Ryan Eder, Founder & CEO of IncludeHealth. “The new MSK-OS™ was built to facilitate the hybrid model, where providers can deliver a seamless blend of on-site and remote digital care with high confidence and increased access—improving convenience, efficiency, and outcomes. We’re proud to collaborate with these world-leading organizations to usher in the next evolution of MSK care.” 

To learn more about how IncludeHealth’s MSK-OS™ can improve engagement, access, and adherence, visit https://www.includehealth.com and schedule a demo.

About IncludeHealth

IncludeHealth is a digital musculoskeletal health company delivering next-generation musculoskeletal care. The proprietary technology at IncludeHealth has been recognized with 28 international innovation and health awards and is utilized in orthopedics, neuroscience, pediatric care, senior care, government, and general wellness.

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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