Safe Orthopaedics announces the installation of a second SORA unit in France and will accelerate the SORA program in the second quarter of 2022

  • Several dozen surgeries validate the SORA model,
  • Installation of a second unit at the Saint Charles Clinic (Lyon),
  • Scheduled acceleration of the program starting in the second quarter of 2022.

Eragny-sur-Oise, France, May 12nd, 2022 08h45 CET – Safe (FR0013467123 – ALSAF), a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and marketing of single-use technologies for spinal surgeries, delivering the safest treatment for spinal fractures urgently treated, announces the installation of a second SORA unit in France and wishes to accelerate the SORA program.

Safe Orthopaedics reminds the value of SORA:

–     Assisted selection of implants and instruments in the operating room: SORA eliminates the risk of error in product selection, tracks lot numbers and informs all relevant hospital departments of what has been implanted.

–     Automated replenishment and inventory management support: Through the automated ordering process, SORA reduces delivery times after each operation, improves operational planning, and reduces hospital lead times, resources and logistics costs.

–     Virtual assistant for surgeons and medical staff: SORA’s surgical documentation of implants and instruments is accessible via the software and online surgical assistance. SORA offers virtual assistance via the interactive touch screen. Safe Orthopaedics experts can also be invited virtually to answer questions before, during and after surgery.

As announced on November 9, 2021, a first SORA unit had been installed at the Convert Clinic in Bourg-en-Bresse and evaluated by Dr. Vallèse and Dr. Afathi and their medical team.

Dr. Pierre Vallèse, orthopedic surgeon, explains, “Sora was a bit of a challenge for our OR team, but within a few weeks it had found its place. It is easy to use with an ergonomic and intuitive digital application. We quickly became aware of the benefits of this solution on several levels:

– The management of implants is facilitated with an immediate control of the stock and a restocking ensured directly from the user to the manufacturer. SORA guarantees the availability of the implants and informs the team before the start of the operation.

– The collection of data concerning implant placements allows the stock in place to be personalized over time. SORA ensures implant traceability that could easily be integrated into digital clinical monitoring solutions.

– Team training is ensured by technical data sheets accessible at any time on the application, as well as by remote video assistance if needed. SORA is a window from the OR to the industry.”

Dr. Mehdi Afathi, Neurosurgeon in Bourgen-Bresse, confirms “After a few months of using SORA at the Convert clinic, we can see the interest of this platform for us, the surgeons, for the operating room team, and for the clinic’s pharmacy. The operating room nurses, who are in direct contact with SORA, were able to “get the hang of it” quite quickly and now master its use without any problem. We note that thanks to SORA, the stocks necessary for the activity of regulated and urgent spinal surgery are always present, thanks to the automatic replenishment. This improves the safety of the patient who can benefit from the optimal procedure at any time, and relieves the entire team, especially in the pharmacy, whose workload is to some extent reduced.”

Safe Orthopaedics announces the installation of a second unit at the Saint-Charles clinic and plans to install the third unit in a French university hospital in the coming weeks to finalize its French evaluation and prove its value in centers of different size and organization.

In the second half of the year, Safe Orthopaedics aims at a faster deployment in France, evaluations in Germany and the USA (centers already identified) and new functionalities.

“First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Vallèse, Dr. Afathi and their teams for their involvement in this project. In a few months of use, we have tested, improved and imagined the future functionalities of SORA. In addition to the advantages explained by Drs. Vallèse and Afathi, we have noted an increase in the number of surgeries performed at the convert clinic, a reduction in delivery times and in inventories, all of which serve both the clinic’s medico-economic and Safe’s financial interests,” commented Pierre Dumouchel, Chairman and CEO of Safe Group“New digital functionalities are planned for May and the international deployment of SORA is still planned for the second half of the year, in line with our 2022 strategic plan. In the medium term, we are aiming to have SORA installed in all our major accounts”.

About Safe Group
Safe Group is a French medical technology group that brings together Safe Orthopaedics, a pioneer in ready-to-use technologies for spine pathologies, and Safe Medical (formerly LCI Medical), a medical device subcontractor for orthopedic surgery. The group employs approximately 150 people.

Safe Orthopaedics develops and manufactures kits combining sterile implants and single-use instruments, available at any time to the surgeon. These technologies are part of a minimally invasive approach aimed at reducing the risks of contamination and infection, in the interest of the patient and with a positive impact on hospitalization times and costs.  Protected by 18 patent families, SteriSpineTM kits are CE marked and FDA approved. Safe Orthopaedics is headquartered in the Paris region (95610 Eragny-sur-Oise) and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and the Lyon region (Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle).

For more information: www.safeorthopaedics.com

Safe Medical produces implantable medical devices and ready-to-use instruments. It has an innovation center and two production sites in France (Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle, 69210) and in Tunisia, offering numerous industrial services: design, industrialization, machining, finishing and sterile packaging. Supported by the French stimulus plan in 2020, the company invests in additive printing and will be operational in 2022 on this new technology.

For more information: www.safemedical.fr

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