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SpineNet, LLC announces success of initial launch of SSP™-Single Screw Plate

SpineNet announces initial clinical success during the phase I launch of the new SSP™-Single Screw Plate Anterior Cervical Plating System


SpineNet LLC is pleased to announce that the SSP™ Anterior Cervical Plate System has received high marks during its initial validation series. The SSP™ requires only a single screw per vertebrae level and is available for multiple levels in an extensive range of sizes. The cost savings are immediate, eliminating one screw per level. The plate was designed to save operative time, reduce cost and still provide a stable construct for fusion. Minimal instrumentation makes the SSP™ System easy to manage in Ambulatory Surgery Centers and hospitals alike. The SpineNet ACC Cage was utilized in all the cases in the initial series.

Phase l SSP™ cases were performed by Dr. Albert W. Gillespy, Daytona Beach, FL:
“The system worked exactly as it was designed to do. The contour and geometry of the plate, as it contacts the bone, provides excellent coverage. I felt like I achieved optimal screw purchase, the simple CAM locking mechanism was easy to use and gave me confidence the screws were secured, and I prefer using a single screw through a direct midline insertion.”

SpineNet will make the SSP System available to more clinicians and continue to gather post market surveillance on the device.

King Floyd, SpineNet CEO, comments- “We are very pleased with these initial results. Taking our time and doing it right is especially important for SpineNet. Our goal is to grow the SSP business and our other products with an emphasis on capturing quality data and measuring outcomes properly. We have new projects in the works that will help our company expand into other related markets.”

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