ImageBiopsy Lab launches IB Lab SQUIRREL: AI-powered Assessment of Scoliosis related Indications on the Spine

VIENNA, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ImageBiopsy Lab, a leading provider of AI-powered medical imaging solutions, has announced the launch and MDR CE certification of its newest tool, IB Lab SQUIRREL. This innovative software offers a comprehensive set of automated measurements for the assessment and quantification of scoliosis, such as coronal balance and Cobb angles, the orthopedic “Gold Standard” for the assessment of the condition.

Scoliosis affects millions worldwide. Precise evaluation of spine deformities is vital for treatment planning and monitoring. However, the identification of the curvature end vertebrae and the measurement of the Cobb angle are notoriously tedious and prone to high inter and intra-observer variability. Clinical evidence has revealed that measurements taken in the afternoon can show a 5° higher Mean Cobb angle compared to those taken in the morning by the same reader. To address these challenges, ImageBiopsy Lab developed IB Lab SQUIRREL – their solution aimed at improving the consistency and reliability of scoliosis assessments while promoting standardization within the field.

IB Lab SQUIRREL has undergone extensive training with a dataset of over 17,000 images, ensuring its robustness and reliability in scoliosis assessment. The available measurement results are based on clinical standards and are provided in different output formats, which can be accessed and checked by medical professionals using any cleared medical DICOM viewer.

“Obtaining MDR clearance serves as a significant validation of the accuracy and quality of our SQUIRREL module. We are proud to have achieved this milestone and are looking forward to the rollout of this novel AI tool to our customers across Europe.” said Richard Ljuhar, CEO & co-founder of IB Lab.

IB Lab SQUIRREL is set to advance scoliosis assessment by streamlining workflows, saving time, and reducing the potential for human error. The launch of IB Lab SQUIRREL further expands ImageBiopsy Lab’s portfolio of AI-powered software solutions, catering to the specific needs of musculoskeletal radiology.

About ImageBiopsy Lab

ImageBiopsy Lab develops award-winning AI-driven solutions that digitize musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostics on radiographs, providing radiologists and orthopedics with fast, quantitative, and standardized reports of disease-relevant findings and measurements. The company portfolio already includes solutions for knee, hip, hand, leg and spine. Additionally, ImageBiopsy Lab now offers fracture detection, further enhancing their comprehensive range of solutions.

For media inquiries: Annalisa Blaha, marketing@imagebiopsy.com, +43 1905 12061104

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