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OREdmasters Launches a new Corporate Portal for Medical Device Companies. The new program allows companies to greatly enhance their training program and improve sales force knowledge and success

August 9, 2023 /OrthoSpineNews/ – OREdmasters, a leading online learning platform for medical device sales professionals, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative corporate portal. This new portal is set to modernize the way medical device companies train and educate their sales force, enabling them to excel in the operating room and achieve greater success.

With the rapid advancement of medicine and technology, there has been a significant knowledge gap among medical device sales professionals. OREdmasters’ corporate portal addresses this crucial issue by providing a comprehensive online learning platform focused on orthopedic anatomy, clinical education, and company-specific training. This comprehensive training allows them to engage with healthcare professionals more effectively and provide unparalleled support in the operating room. By utilizing the power of OREdmasters’ course content and materials, companies can bridge this gap and enhance their sales force’s effectiveness by providing them with the necessary expertise to thrive in the field.

“Artelon has leveraged OREdmasters’ new corporate portal for our sales force, and the results have been outstanding. We are witnessing a substantial increase in our sales reps’ test scores from their initial pre-test to their final evaluation,” shared Jantzen Cole, Vice President of Marketing at Artelon. “This platform addresses a common need within med device companies – the ability to offer well curated training materials in an on-demand format. With the introduction of our portal, Artelon University, we have vastly improved the consistency and efficiency of our sales training program. Furthermore, the flexibility of the platform has allowed us to add or refine content to ensure relevance. OREdmasters has become an impactful resource for our team.”

The OREdmasters corporate portal provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience, allowing flexibility in terms of when and where employees can access the training materials, making it convenient for a sales force that may be frequently on the move or working remotely. Ultimately, it empowers medical device sales professionals to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, ultimately driving improved patient outcomes and boosting business success.

About OREdmasters:

OREdmasters is an online learning platform designed to address the growing knowledge gap faced by medical device sales professionals in the field of orthopedic anatomy and clinical education. The platform offers a multi-track curriculum, beginning with orthopedic basics and foot & ankle, and covers a wide range of surgical subspecialties. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert content, OREdmasters enables sales representatives to enhance their knowledge and deliver exceptional support in the operating room.

For more information, visit www.oredmasters.com.


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