Inspired Spine Unveils two Centers of Excellence for High BMI Patients in Rural Minnesota and Kansas

Inspired Spine CMO Dr. Hamid Abbasi performing one of over 1700 OLLIF procedures. The procedure has been proven effective on hundreds of high BMI patients.

BURNSVILLE, Minn., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired Spine has announced the establishment of two new Centers of Excellence focused on providing complex spine care, including fusion surgeries, to patients with high Body Mass Index (BMI) in rural areas of Minnesota and Kansas, a groundbreaking turn in modern spine health management.

In a remarkable display of commitment, Dr. Hamid Abbasi, a renowned Neurosurgeon and the driving force behind Inspired Spine, recently conducted an extraordinary feat by traveling to Hutchinson, Kansas to perform 11 spine surgeries in just two days. Notably, five of these patients had a BMI exceeding 40, with the highest being BMI’s of 54 and 64. All 11 surgeries were executed with unprecedented success, and the patients were walking and back in the comfort of their own home within 2 days.

Traditionally, patients with BMIs over 40 have faced significant challenges when seeking elective surgeries due to societal norms and medical recommendations against such procedures, citing high risks. However, Inspired Spine’s innovative Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLLIF) technology and comprehensive surgical protocols have dramatically minimized associated risks for patients requiring spinal fusion surgery—many of whom have become non-ambulatory because of spine issues and are left with no alternative—the benefits of OLLIF now impressively outweigh the risks.

These advancements come at a critical time for high BMI patients, who often face a debilitating cycle of weight gain and deteriorating health due to the lack of mobility and linked comorbidities, such as cardiovascular decline. In response, Inspired Spine has established specialized medical centers accessible to patients from across the United States, providing sophisticated and life-altering care.

With a decade-long track record of successfully treating high BMI patients with the OLLIF procedure. This breakthrough has opened new doors to patient care that many thought were permanently closed. Despite the complex nature of these surgeries, patients are typically discharged just one or two nights post-operation and able to return home within days—an undeniable testament to the high efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment.

Highlighting this success, the publication of Inspired Spine’s OLLIF high BMI paper showcases the transformative effects of this Procedure “we are proud to introduce our innovation to rural Kansas” Said Dr Abbasi “the impact has already been felt with a series of successful surgeries performed in environments that usually would not be suited for traditional spinal surgeries. Many of these patients need higher levels of care, such as ICU or blood transfusions and intensive medical care due to the invasiveness of traditional surgeries”

The human dimension of these successes is vividly captured in patient testimonials. A recent patient from North Carolina, who traveled to Inspired Spine of Kansas for the OLLIF procedure, shares her experience “I never thought relief was possible until I found Inspired Spine. The OLLIF procedure not only gave me my mobility back but also gave me a new lease on life. The care I received in Kansas was exceptional, and I am grateful for the team at Inspired Spine.” Her story, alongside her moving testimonial and images, further underscores the critical importance and positive outcomes of the Centers of Excellence at Inspired Spine.

Inspired Spine is a total spine care provider dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life with revolutionary procedures and technologies. Grounded in innovation, our commitment to advancing spinal health has established us as leaders in minimally invasive spinal surgery.

For more information on the OLLIF procedure and to read inspiring patient stories, please visit www.inspiredspine.com or contact Amanda Armagost at aarmagost@islife.us

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