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Corin Announces Worldwide Launch of ApolloKnee™

Corin, leading robotics and AI innovator in orthopaedics, proudly announced the worldwide launch of their ApolloKnee™ surgical application and Apollo™ platform.

CIRENCESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, June 27, 2024 / — Corin, a leading robotics and AI innovator in orthopaedics, proudly announced today the worldwide launch of their ApolloKnee™ surgical application and Apollo™ platform for robotic-assisted total knee arthroplasty.

“Corin has had a remarkably strong start to 2024. Apollo™ and the ApolloKnee™ application now have regulatory clearance in all major markets and have successfully been used to objectively balance knees in more than 200 patients. This early success with Apollo™ is a testament to the dedication of our cross-functional teams, scalable manufacturing capability and strategic initial release.” said Jon Serbousek, CEO of Corin and Senior Advisor to private equity partner Permira.

Improving Surgery: Plan. Implement. Learn.

ApolloKnee™ empowers surgeons to go beyond traditional alignment techniques and achieve personalized, dynamic balance. This data-driven approach features three key stages:
– Plan: Comprehensively assess each patient’s knee balance with the pre-resection BalanceBot™. The planning algorithm then presents an optimized surgical plan within the specified surgeon preferences.
– Implement: The Apollo™ Robot, a compact, robotic cutting guide, ensures precise and efficient bone resection. Control of your ApolloKnee™ workflow uses intraoperative gestures or a draped, touchscreen tablet.
– Learn: Automatic data collection and cloud computing integrates pre-, intra-, and post-operative information for continuous learning at every stage of the procedure.

Clinical Success and Surgeon Feedback

Beginning in February 2024, the limited market release of Apollo™ was structured to closely monitor the early clinical use and patient outcomes, while the manufacturing and supply chain established the scale for growth.

“The clinical data from the limited market release has been impressive. We can quantify the complete knee balance before and after the bony cuts are performed and early data are showing a reproducible variance in balance to the surgical plan. These results underscore the reliability and precision of the Apollo™ platform in achieving desired surgical outcomes.” Commented Dr Jim Pierrepont, Global Franchise Lead at Corin.

Feedback highlights also included the reliability of using a pre-resection knee balance assessment to plan the entire knee procedure, surgical efficiency provided by the gesture-controlled workflow and autonomous planning.

Arthroplasty surgeon, John Keggi, M.D. shared “I find ApolloKnee™ valuable from normal primaries to those with complex deformities, I am far less likely to recut a tibia or go back and change anything because I have the data upfront. Now that I can visualize ligament balance, even those complex patients come out of the OR with the same result as patients with minor deformities, and in about the same period of time. It’s incredibly satisfying.”

Looking Ahead

“As the evolution of surgical robotics continues, we are excited to expand the availability of what we believe to be the next true advancement in orthopaedic total joint replacement. This is a key moment for the company, and I look forward to seeing Corin continue to deliver on their Apollo™ innovation pipeline,” said David Floyd, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Senior Advisor to private equity partner Permira.

Corin’s vision for the future includes the development of additional software applications to further enhance the capabilities of the Apollo™ platform. These advancements will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in all orthopaedic reconstructive surgery, ensuring that surgeons have the most advanced tools available to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

About Corin
Headquartered in Cirencester, UK, and with offices worldwide, Corin is a fast-growing global company with a vision to revolutionize orthopaedics through the continuous learning and improvement made possible through understanding data. The unique combination of advanced robotic and AI technologies to plan, implement and learn, along with clinically proven implants, is intended to deliver improved outcomes and maximize healthcare value for patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

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