ConforMIS Announces Settlement of Patent Infringement Lawsuits


ConforMIS, Inc., a medical technology company that uses its proprietary iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform to develop, manufacture and sell customized joint replacement implants, today announced that it has entered into license agreements with each of Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (“Wright”) and with MicroPort Orthopedics, Inc. (“MicroPort”). These agreements resolve the patent disputes that originated between ConforMIS and Wright in September 2013.

ConforMIS has granted to MicroPort a non-exclusive, worldwide license under its patent portfolio for the use of certain patient-specific instrumentation in the implantation of non-patient-specific knee devices. Specifically, ConforMIS has granted a license that covers MicroPort’s Prophecy® Patient-Specific Instrumentation (PSI) system for use with the Advance®and Evolution® total knee replacement systems, including both the pin alignment and the resection versions of the Prophecy PSI, which MicroPort acquired from Wright during the pendency of the dispute. Additionally, ConforMIS has granted to Wright a non-exclusive, worldwide license under its patent portfolio for the use of patient-specific instrumentation in the implantation of implants in the foot and ankle, other than patient-specific implants. This license to Wright covers, among other things, Wright’s Prophecy® PSI for use with Wright’s InBone® and Infinity® total ankle replacement systems.

“We are very pleased to announce these first licenses of our technology for use in the knee, as well as in the foot and ankle. Licensing these patents to MicroPort and Wright substantiates the strength of our intellectual property,” said Philipp Lang, CEO of ConforMIS. “This agreement will help broaden the footprint of patient-specific instrumentation both globally through MicroPort’s strong worldwide presence and to other joints through Wright’s cutting-edge foot and ankle technology. Additionally, ConforMIS will continue to provide patient-specific instrumentation with customized implants, which is our core business.”

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