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Altus Spine announces the launch of the VALENCIA MIS PEDICLE SCREW SYSTEM

Newtown Square, PA – November 23, 2015 –
Altus Spine announces Launch of the Valencia MIS Pedicle Screw System. “Altus had many requests to design a simple, robust percutaneous screw system that enables surgeons to stabilize variable anatomy in a repeatable manner–the Valencia MIS System is our answer to that.”, comments Michael Fitzgerald, President of Altus Spine.

Altus’ Valencia MIS Pedicle Screw System is a simple, effective pedicle fixation system incorporating reliable rod delivery with dependable rod reduction. In less invasive procedures, the integrated extension tabs provide additional control and guidance during construct placement and locking.

Integrated Extended Tab Screws

  • ❖  Integrated extension tabs provide visual guidance for rod delivery

    and construct locking

  • ❖  Efficient and robust hybrid square thread minimizes cross

    threading during rod reduction

  • ❖  Continuous threads allow for up to 30mm of rod reduction to aid

    in rod placement and seating

    Simplified System & Instrumentation

  • ❖  Robust instrumentation that requires fewer system specific

    instruments than traditional system designs

  • ❖  Reliable, over-the-skin rod length measurement
  • ❖  Constraint collar provides robust control and is removable for

    more flexibility

    Product Offerings

  • ❖  5.5mm, 6.5mm and 7.5mm cannulated screws available in

    lengths up to 60mm

  • ❖  5.5mm pre-lordosed rods available up to 160mm length
  • ❖  5.5mm straight rods available up to 220mm length

About Altus

President and founder of Altus Spine, Michael Fitzgerald, is a Historic Grand Prix Driver. Michael’s racing career is reflected in Altus’ focus on Quality, Speed and Safety, driven daily by a large team of expert engineers and technicians. Altus is proud to be an American company, manufacturing and delivering products in America, sharing them with the world.


We are dedicated to delivering inventive solutions with unprecedented quality for our surgeons and patients. Our proprietary manufacturing process includes real-time quality control audits during each phase of production and shipping to ensure quality compliance.


We are speed enthusiasts. We aim to consistently invest in our engineering staff and the latest technology and equipment to abbreviate delivery timelines and exceed expectations with individual requests.


We are committed to developing reliable surgical systems to help physicians safely and effectively treat patients.

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