Study shows 76 percent of coronavirus patients improve after plasma transfusion

June 4, 2020 / By Kayla Rivas | Fox News

One study conducted at Texas hospitals recently showed convalescent plasma transfusions led to clinical improvement or hospital discharge in 76 percent of coronavirus patients.

The study involved 25 patients with severe coronavirus at the Houston Methodist hospitals from late March to April. They were transfused with convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 donors.

Plasma from recovered COVID-19 cases is transfused to critically ill COVID-19 patients, with the hope that the antibodies will help the patient fight or neutralize the disease. Study authors say the treatment method has been used to treat microbial infections for more than 100 years. Other doctors began voicing optimism for the plasma transfusions in COVID-19 patients earlier in the pandemic when some cases improved.


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Chris J. Stewart

Chris currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Surgio Health as well as Chief Operating Officer at Ortho Spine Partners. Prior to that, he was the assistant vice president and business unit leader of Medical Device Management for HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG).

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