Simulated Inanimate Models, Inc. Announces the Achievement of Two New Milestones

Company leadership changed the company name to VIOMERSE, Inc. effective May 1, 2022 & successfully launched its first Spinal Deformity Training Platform at the annual AANS Meeting held in Philadelphia

ROCHESTER N.Y., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Simulated Inanimate Models, Inc (known also as SIM), a surgical training and education company, announced today that it has achieved two major corporate milestones.  The executive team completed a corporate rebranding initiative, renaming the company VIOMERSE (pronounced “Vee-oh-merse”), and successfully launched a 5th spinal surgery training platform while at the annual AANS meeting held in Philadephia April 30-31st.  


VIOMERSE manufactures surgical education products that enable clinicians to practice procedures without risks to patient safety. Our products are used by medical device companies to train personnel and physicians on devices they market. VIOMERSE’S technologies create an immersive surgical experience utilizing both realistic customized physical phantoms and augmented reality technology to facilitate remote proctoring.


VIOMERSE, broken into the Latin prefix “VIO-” and suffix “-MERSE”, communicates the new “path” or “avenue” to a completely immersive educational experience. 

“A new tag line “The Leaders in Immersive Training” will also accompany “VIOMERSE”, setting forth a belief that the combination of high-fidelity surgical phantoms with a cutting-edge augmented reality remote training platform sets us apart from any other surgical simulation company”, remarked Dr. Jonathan J Stone, the company’s founder and President.  Dr. Stone is an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Biomedical Engineering, and heads the Simulation Laboratory at the University of Rochester Medical Center where the technology originated.

VIOMERSE will be the first to deliver an advanced training environment by linking the proctor to the student at different locations when performing procedures on the company’s phantoms. The company plans to launch this new remote training platform at the annual AUA meeting in New Orleans held May 13-15, 2022.

Steven Griffith, Chief Technology Officer for VIOMERSE added, “The VIOMERSE Remote Training Platform gives both the student and the proctor “first person” view of each other’s surgical fields, with alternating control over the procedural workflow, including all aspects of medical imaging, as if they were standing in each other’s shoes learning and experiencing the surgical procedure together”.


VIOMERSE expanded its spine surgery training portfolio with the launch of a new thoracolumbar deformity phantom that will enable surgeons to practice corrective procedures on a lifelike phantom that mimics the pathology seen in patients with conditions such as severe scoliosis.   “This new phantom creates a realistic surgical training scenario, providing surgeons a chance to practice the workflow and associated insertion of corrective devices that restore function in patients with severe coronal deformity”, stated Dr. Jonathan Stone.  “There is no simulation trainer quite like it on the market, and we believe it will provide an exceptional training experience for physicians interested in learning this difficult procedure.”


VIOMERSE is a privately held company founded in 2016 with headquarters, engineering and manufacturing located in Rochester NY.  VIOMERSE has developed over 15 customized products for use in surgical training and education, and has over 3 dozen industry partnerships with multinational medical device companies, academic institutions, and specialty societies.

Jeff Sherman
Chief Commercial Officer

SOURCE Simulated Inanimate Models, Inc.; VIOMERSE

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