Regenexx Publishes Mid-term Results of Its Randomized Controlled Trial Showing Its Perc-ACLR Procedure Can Help Patients Avoid Surgical ACL Reconstruction

DES MOINES, Iowa, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Regenexx®, a research-driven interventional orthobiologics network of physicians performing regenerative orthopedic procedures, has published its randomized controlled trial (RCT) mid-term results showing primary ACL healing without the need for invasive surgery. This was achieved through precise, image-guided injections of autologous bone marrow concentrate and platelets in patients failing conservative care. The goal of the study was to determine if anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears could be treated through injections and how that compares to exercise therapy. Key indicators such as pain and function levels were studied at various time points over 24 months.

The implications this trial has for ACL tear patients is ground-breaking. Dr. Chris Centeno, Regenexx’s Chief Medical Officer, explains “having RCT data showing that we can help ACL tear patients avoid invasive surgery and retain their native ACL is a game changer.” Typically, in ACL surgery the natural ligament is torn out and replaced with a new graft tendon taken from the patient or from a deceased donor. In addition to retaining the natural integrity of the knee, by preserving their native ACL through Regenexx’s Perc-ACLR injection-based procedure, patients may reduce their risk for developing arthritis and decrease cartilage loss in the future. Further, avoiding surgery means less procedural risk, less down-time, and a quicker return to activity.

Versus exercise therapy, the mid-term results of high-dose bone marrow concentrate (BMC) and injections into the ACL showed significant and lasting improvement (when compared to baseline) in the key functional and pain indicators. Patients showed improved functionality as early as three months into the study and improved pain at month six. Both function and pain continued to improve through the entirety of the 24-month study. Comparatively, those patients randomized into the exercise therapy group showed no significant improvement in pain or function at any of the intervals over 24 months.

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About Regenexx
Regenexx is a network of select physician experts, who pioneered the use of high concentrated PRP and bone marrow concentrate to treat common orthopedic conditions to help people avoid surgery using cells from their own body. Regenexx is the world leader in research published on the use of orthobiologics for orthopedic conditions, and created the field of interventional orthopedic protocols, the use of your body’s natural healing abilities to repair orthopedic injuries non-surgically. In addition, Regenexx created a program for self-funded employers to help manage orthopedic costs by replacing many common elective orthopedic surgeries with precise image guided injections, reducing the cost of individual surgeries by up to 70%. Learn more about Regenexx and the Regenexx Corporate Program at and

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